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Happiness Is..

Happiness is playing on a swing!

What is Happiness?? Well, happiness is in the simplest of things like a carefree kid playing on a swing! Now that’s what I call pure, unadulterated, absolutely heart warming, soul touching and the best kind of happiness    

25 Simple Relationship To Dos

These 25 Simple Relationship To Dos will make your life Happier with each other..give it a try!!

I Love LOVE!

I Love LOVE ? All the romance, the mushy feelings, the corny things, the flood of emotions, the first kiss, the warm hugs, the longing, the cuddles, the special moments, the missing yous, the silly fights, the making up, the sweet nothings,… Continue Reading →

12 reasons to be HAPPY!

Happiness is easy, simple & natural but if you ever need reasons to be happy, here are 12 of them…watch and share!

I wish I knew…

How many times have we said this: “I wish someone told me” or “I wish I knew earlier” or “I wish I could go back in time and…” Apparently not enough, I personally find myself wishing one of these every… Continue Reading →

Technology’s Gift of Hearing

This is a video of hearing impaired people reacting to sound for the first time and their tears of joy made me value something I take for granted – hearing! I am sure after watching this video you will also… Continue Reading →

That feeling called LOVE makes me SMILE!

LOVE in all its forms, shapes and sizes…makes me smile. My mother’s pure and unconditional love My father’s protective yet caring love My son’s i-need-a-cuddle love My husband’s forever-yours love My brother’s drive-me-crazy love My friends’ always-there-for-you love No matter… Continue Reading →

True Love is…the little things!

Love doesn’t need to be defined or validated by grand gestures. All it needs is two people cherishing the little things and creating a life time of perfect memories from some wonderfully imperfect moments. We all experience these little moments but… Continue Reading →

Happiness is a simple science!

I have always found it hard to answer questions like: What is happiness? Are you happy? How happy are you? Normally, my response is a pause, followed by a hmmmmm, ending with “yeah, I think I’m quite happy”. But I… Continue Reading →

You say it best when you say nothing at all!

Sometimes, you say it best when you say nothing at all! A thousand miles away from civilization, in the middle of paradise, we were savoring one of the most memorable moments of our lives. For the first time, it felt like words were… Continue Reading →

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