I have always found it hard to answer questions like:

What is happiness? Are you happy? How happy are you?

Normally, my response is a pause, followed by a hmmmmm, ending with “yeah, I think I’m quite happy”. But I have never been able to justify my answer to myself, its always felt half-hearted and makes me wonder what happiness really looks like or feels like.

So, when I came across this interesting infographic created by happify, explaining HAPPINESS from a scientific point of view, it made a lot of sense. I like being able to quantify things and these colourful illustrations, facts and figures show how simple everyday dos & don’ts can make life much happier, more gratifying and less stressful. It helps putting my own happiness quotient into perspective and realize the potential for more smiles in my life.

Personally, I think I can be more grateful for what I have…both people and things. What can you do to increase your smiles?

Simple science