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LOL Diet Tips!

LOL diet tips that make perfect sense to me, Minions are genius!

LOL…gotta love this logic. Makes me wonder why I never thought of it šŸ™‚

Baby vs. Watermelon!

LOL…now thats how you eatĀ a watermelon! This little cutie knows its an inside job šŸ˜€

What if the house cleaned itself? Aaaah…wouldn’t that be nice!

Lol…Men, take your pick!  

ONE year of parenting…survived & surviving!

Aaaaaah….the joys of parenting! IĀ recently turned ONEĀ in mommy years and needless to say, its been quite an adventure. From the highs of heartwarming moments of immense love & motherly feelingsĀ to the lows of WTF moments &Ā I’m-losing-my-mind ones, my first year… Continue Reading →

LOL…been there, tried that and failed so many times but never gave up!  

That’s my kinda workout…get the bottle, open it, pour the wine into a glass, pick the glass, bring it to the mouth and finally drink it…phew!!

HelloĀ Friday!

LOL…we’ve all got “that” friend šŸ™‚

For all the Chocolate Lovers out there!!

That’s all I need !  

Don’t ever want this to happen…LOL!  

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