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Happiness is playing on a swing!

What is Happiness?? Well, happiness is in the simplest of things like a carefree kid playing on a swing! Now that’s what I call pure, unadulterated, absolutely heart warming, soul touching and the best kind of happiness    

A Mother’s Sweetest Note

This is a Mother’s Sweetest Note for her kids, her unwavering love is more precious than any of the material things money can buy! No matter how hard motherhood can feel sometimes, its the love that makes us better at it everyday… Continue Reading →

My Little Earthling!

My little earthling nurturing his other mother…MOTHER NATURE? Hope we can learn from our kids to respect and protect this beautiful planet and leave it in a better condition for their future ?  

25 Simple Relationship To Dos

These 25 Simple Relationship To Dos will make your life Happier with each other..give it a try!!


“Of all the gifts LIFE has given me, my MOTHER’s LOVE is the most precious”         Pics Courtesy: CureJoy

Dads are Awesome!

“Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a DAD!” Pics Courtesy: CureJoy  

The Crazy Mommy Moments

There is no way to be a perfect mother but a million ways to be a damn good one! I love this quote because its so true – every day we try to do our best, everyday we survive the… Continue Reading →

I Love LOVE!

I Love LOVE ? All the romance, the mushy feelings, the corny things, the flood of emotions, the first kiss, the warm hugs, the longing, the cuddles, the special moments, the missing yous, the silly fights, the making up, the sweet nothings,… Continue Reading →

Let’s Give the Gift of Gratitude!  

Its true, LIFE is the best teacher and an excellent guide. Every struggle, every adventure, every loss, every feat and all our experiences give us significant knowledge & instil enough power within us to make our LIVES better with each passing day. So know matter… Continue Reading →

Best of Winnie The Pooh Quotes

I love Winnie the Pooh and his amazing friends, he is the cutest and the wisest bear in the whole wide world!! I especially adore the friendship he shares with Piglet and just how simply they manage to teach us the… Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Awesome Dad Moments!

 Anyone can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a DAD! They are the wind beneath our wings, the unsung heroes of our lives and as much as moms hate to admit, they are the ‘fun’ parent!  And… Continue Reading →

  For some its a midday snooze, siesta, power nap or shuteye but for me this blissful feeling is simply ‘mommy’s nap time’…Zzzz! A few moments of unadulterated sleep in the middle of a chaotic day is just heavenly. But when my little monkey,… Continue Reading →

That moment when you realise that your new year resolution has been recycled more times than you would like to admit! So if this sounds like you, it might be a good idea to get a new list or just… Continue Reading →

As we say goodbye to 2015‬, lets take a moment to cherish the year that it was – Play the best memories‬, Pause the unforgettable moments‬, Stop the heartbreaks & Rewind the good times‬. Smile‬ because of it and then get excited… Continue Reading →

Too Old To Enjoy LIFE?

We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing! To really understand the depth of these two lines, watch this adorable video of a 101 year ‘young’ mom enjoying herself in the snow! Her… Continue Reading →

Here’s a LOL for Happy Weekend and isn’t it ABSOLUT(ely) perfect! Guess I’ll be having ‘salad’ for dinner tonight…what about you?

Best Festive Quotes For The Holidays!

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year – fun with family and friends, most anticipated holidays, awesome gifts, sparkling lights and contagious happiness & smiles everywhere!! Who can resist being merry when there is so much joy all… Continue Reading →

12 reasons to be HAPPY!

Happiness is easy, simple & natural but if you ever need reasons to be happy, here are 12 of them…watch and share!

No matter how hard it is to be a parent, sometimes we just have to look at these Parenting LOLs and enjoy the lighter moments 🙂

Hello December…bring on the fun, festivities, family & friends!

Never be too busy to live…Life will not wait for us!

Have a Good Day 🙂

Hope for Humanity is all we’ve got to preserve and save it. So, lets all believe in the power of HOPE and do our bit by spreading more love than hate,  more joy than sorrow and more SMILES than tears.

I wish I knew…

How many times have we said this: “I wish someone told me” or “I wish I knew earlier” or “I wish I could go back in time and…” Apparently not enough, I personally find myself wishing one of these every… Continue Reading →

Lol…I was up all night thanks to my little monster! But, his morning cuddles are definitely worth the sleepless nights 🙂

Sometimes we are lucky enough to find friends who can turn total nonsense into one of the most sensible conversations of the day! We have all got one…who is your ‘that’ friend?  

Smile it Forward!

Sticky post

When I was a little girl, I smiled about everything and I smiled about nothing at all…I smiled most of the time, even in my sleep. Smiling had become a part of my look and I proudly wore it everywhere…. Continue Reading →

Being mommy means that my AB BABY is always on my mind 🙂

That’s the kind of ‘BS’, I Love!!

Technology’s Gift of Hearing

This is a video of hearing impaired people reacting to sound for the first time and their tears of joy made me value something I take for granted – hearing! I am sure after watching this video you will also… Continue Reading →

LOL…the right way to do yoga

ATTENTION WINE LOVERS: this is the right way to do yoga, get your bottles out and get ready for a some fitness fun 🙂  

Helloo Hellllooooo Hellloooooooo???

That feeling called LOVE makes me SMILE!

LOVE in all its forms, shapes and sizes…makes me smile. My mother’s pure and unconditional love My father’s protective yet caring love My son’s i-need-a-cuddle love My husband’s forever-yours love My brother’s drive-me-crazy love My friends’ always-there-for-you love No matter… Continue Reading →

ONE smile can start a chain reaction…pass it on and watch it multiply!

My perfect son-shine!

I was a new mom, my precious little boy, my AB BABY was just 2 weeks old and he still had that elusive “new baby” smell. I couldn’t get enough of him, looking at him in awe for 24 hours… Continue Reading →

Definitely makes my day, when someone says this to me 🙂  

Lol…Men, take your pick!  

The world through his eyes makes me SMILE

Every time I look into his eyes, I find myself transported to a better, happier, prettier world. This little poem is dedicated to the purity in my AB BABY’s eyes… They sparkle, they dance, they wonder, they mesmerize! They are… Continue Reading →

Learn to love, forgive & live like a child!

With their pure hearts and innocent souls, children can teach us how to love unconditionally, forgive instantly and live happily. This video of a little girl trying to get her parents to stay friends and just be happy is not only cute… Continue Reading →

To be loved for everything you are…oh! What a lovely feeling that is 🙂  

Isn’t being HAPPY what its all about?  

ONE year of parenting…survived & surviving!

Aaaaaah….the joys of parenting! I recently turned ONE in mommy years and needless to say, its been quite an adventure. From the highs of heartwarming moments of immense love & motherly feelings to the lows of WTF moments & I’m-losing-my-mind ones, my first year… Continue Reading →

LOL…been there, tried that and failed so many times but never gave up!  

That’s my kinda workout…get the bottle, open it, pour the wine into a glass, pick the glass, bring it to the mouth and finally drink it…phew!!

It’s getting harder to find the latter in today’s tech crazy world…gotta appreciate the people who really take out the time for us 🙂  

When our hearts beat as one, my little one!

A little something I wrote when I was expecting my son, my AB BABY. Its about the special bond we shared and the immense love I felt for him even before I met him. Sometime I miss that time when it was… Continue Reading →

Hello Friday!

Liebster Award – Thank You!

  Pick a Smile was just a week old when SAMANTHA LAMB from Momma Wants Java nominated it for the Liebster Award. Her thoughtful and kind gesture has really given me the motivation to do better and instilled some much needed confidence…A… Continue Reading →

Furry friends forever!

“Hard times always reveal the true friends” The unexpected friendship these two furry friends share is totally awwwwwwsome!

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