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An Open Letter To All Moms and Dads

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I write this open letter to all moms and dads in the hope to make this world a better place for our kids. So, please read and share to as many parents as you can 🙂 **As featured on Huffington… Continue Reading →

Let’s Raise Good Adults!

Every child is born with a pure heart & an innocent soul. It is our job to show them the BEST of HUMANITY, RAISE them as GOOD ADULTS and give them a HAPPY, PEACEFUL WORLD to grow up in! This… Continue Reading →

Hope for Humanity is all we’ve got to preserve and save it. So, lets all believe in the power of HOPE and do our bit by spreading more love than hate,  more joy than sorrow and more SMILES than tears.

ONE smile can start a chain reaction…pass it on and watch it multiply!

Isn’t being HAPPY what its all about?  

Mother duck said quack quack quack

Sometimes little creatures like a mother duck trying to save her little ducklings can show us how to be humans and teach us how to love and care, the way only a mother can. This video is one of the… Continue Reading →

We can all use our smile to brighten someone’s day, so SMILE and watch it multiply happiness 🙂  

Humanity is aLIVE!

I have generally heard of CCTV capturing bad people doing bad stuff, and that makes me frown 🙁 But watching a collage of good people doing good stuff in a video like this, instantly restores my faith in goodness and reassures… Continue Reading →

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