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LOL Diet Tips!

LOL diet tips that make perfect sense to me, Minions are genius!

LOL…anything you can do I can do better & in heels!! This one takes the cake in the epic battle of mom vs dad 🙂  

Its a Girly Life!

I recently came across these super cool illustrations of “girl problems” by a brilliant artist named Cassandra. I thought they were hilarious (and so true) because they made me realise just how entertaining this Girly life is 🙂 As most of you might… Continue Reading →

LOL…gotta love this logic. Makes me wonder why I never thought of it 🙂

That moment when you realise that your new year resolution has been recycled more times than you would like to admit! So if this sounds like you, it might be a good idea to get a new list or just… Continue Reading →

Here’s a LOL for Happy Weekend and isn’t it ABSOLUT(ely) perfect! Guess I’ll be having ‘salad’ for dinner tonight…what about you?

No matter how hard it is to be a parent, sometimes we just have to look at these Parenting LOLs and enjoy the lighter moments 🙂

This is definitely cuteness overloaded 🙂 LOL..what a genius!  

Definitely the BIG KID!! Source: Pick a Smile

This little cutie makes Mondays look better BUT nothing can beat our love for Saturdays!

What if the house cleaned itself? Aaaah…wouldn’t that be nice!

LOL…This sums up one of the hilarious differences between men and women for us 21st century people!

Don’t BLINK…or you might miss the weekend!

That’s the kind of ‘BS’, I Love!!

Just in time for the weekend wine time!

LOL…the right way to do yoga

ATTENTION WINE LOVERS: this is the right way to do yoga, get your bottles out and get ready for a some fitness fun 🙂  

Helloo Hellllooooo Hellloooooooo???

A very w(f)ine philosophy!  

LOL, feels good to know that I’m not alone in this craziness 🙂

Lol…Men, take your pick!  

LOL…we’ve all got “that” friend 🙂

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