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No matter how hard it is to be a parent, sometimes weĀ just have to look at these Parenting LOLs and enjoy the lighter moments šŸ™‚

Let’s Raise Good Adults!

Every child is born with a pure heart & an innocent soul. It is our job to show them the BEST of HUMANITY, RAISE them as GOOD ADULTS and give them a HAPPY, PEACEFUL WORLD to grow up in! This… Continue Reading →

ONE year of parenting…survived & surviving!

Aaaaaah….the joys of parenting! IĀ recently turned ONEĀ in mommy years and needless to say, its been quite an adventure. From the highs of heartwarming moments of immense love & motherly feelingsĀ to the lows of WTF moments &Ā I’m-losing-my-mind ones, my first year… Continue Reading →

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