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A Mother’s Sweetest Note

This is a Mother’s Sweetest Note for her kids, her unwavering love is more precious than any of the material things money can buy! No matter how hard motherhood can feel sometimes, its the love that makes us better at it everyday… Continue Reading →

Awesome Quotes for Dog Lovers

These awesome QUOTES for dog lovers will make you AWWW and if you’re not a dog lover, they will make you wish you were!!

25 Simple Relationship To Dos

These 25 Simple Relationship To Dos will make your life Happier with each other..give it a try!!

Forever Young, I wanna be Forever Young… The only way to be YOUNG FOREVER is to LIVE a LIFE that feels YOUNG at HEART!  

Let’s Give the Gift of Gratitude!  

Its true, LIFE is the best teacher and an excellent guide. Every struggle, every adventure, every loss, every feat and all our experiences give us significant knowledge & instil enough power within us to make our LIVES better with each passing day. So know matter… Continue Reading →

Sometimes, we choose to be happy by letting go of things, memories or people that make us unhappy.  

12 reasons to be HAPPY!

Happiness is easy, simple & natural but if you ever need reasons to be happy, here are 12 of them…watch and share!

Don’t BLINK…or you might miss the weekend!

ONE smile can start a chain reaction…pass it on and watch it multiply!

Definitely makes my day, when someone says this to me 🙂  

Isn’t being HAPPY what its all about?  

It’s getting harder to find the latter in today’s tech crazy world…gotta appreciate the people who really take out the time for us 🙂  

The people who make us smile are precious!

Wrinkles can be a sign of a happy life..we just need to smile more!

That’s all I need !  

Don’t ever want this to happen…LOL!  

We can all use our smile to brighten someone’s day, so SMILE and watch it multiply happiness 🙂  

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