Hi and welcome to my blog,

When I was a little girl, I smiled about everything and I smiled about nothing at all…I smiled most of the time, even in my sleep. Smiling had become a part of my look and I proudly wore it everywhere. Sometimes my imagination gave me crazy reasons to smile but generally I smiled for absolutely no reason…I just SMILED.

But the adult me, smiles more sparingly and hardly without a reason. The adult me is affected by everything happening in my world and the world around me – the regrets, the fears, the losses, the insecurities, the judging eyes, the horrible news, the bad people, the disasters, the fading humanity and the never ending circle of life. I envy that little girl’s ability to just be happy, to simply live life, to frolic around without a care in the world, to be amazed by the wonders around her, to just SMILE.

Oh, how I wish I could be that little girl again, blessed with her ignorance of sad things and appreciation of happy little things. But since that’s a futile dream, I’ve decided to learn from her and focus on all the positive and wonderful things around me. I’m constantly looking for happy stories, carefree moments and light-hearted conversations to create that beautiful curve on my face and just SMILE!

But I’m greedy, I want more, I wish to increase my happiness quotient and since happiness multiplies by sharing, I’m starting this blog for all of us to PICK a SMILE & SMILE it FORWARD.

Each story, article or experience that I share will be an attempt to give you something to smile about. If you feel the same, you can pass them on or even share your own feel-good stories to gift a smile to someone and brighten up their day as well.

Thanks for visiting and hope you took a smile with you!