Sometimes, we really do say it best, when we say nothing at all!

A thousand miles away from civilization, in the middle of paradise, we were savoring one of the most memorable moments of our lives. For the first time, it felt like words were immaterial. Just being in that place, at that time, soaking in the beauty all around us and silently smiling…we expressed more, felt more and understood more than we ever did with words.

There was something about being surrounded by nature and its purity. It made us believe in our true self, it gave us the confidence to drop all inhibitions and really appreciate each other.

And when there was nothing to hide, nothing to hold us back, we could express the deepest of emotions with just a humble smile. We smiled because everything seemed so clear, everything felt so wonderful and we smiled to show how happy we were to be in that perfect moment.

I cherish this photo because it reminds me of that time and whenever words fail me, it prompts me to believe in the power of a silent and pure smile.