When our hearts beat as one, my little one!

A little something I wrote when I was expecting my 1 year old. Its about the special bond we shared and the immense love I felt for him even before I met him. Sometime I miss that time when it was just the two of us!

I thought my heart was full of love but then you came and I felt my heart grow bigger every second to hold the immeasurable and unconditional love, love I didn’t know I was capable of, love that I feel for you

I thought tears were a sign of sadness but you turned my tears into pearls and made them trickle and flow in immense happiness that I experience every time I think of you.

I thought talking to myself was crazy but now I am singing, talking, laughing and dancing like no one is watching because I know you are there, listening, nodding & moving with me and I love this crazy bond I share with you

I thought my life was pretty satisfying but ever since you came into my life, the world I knew before you suddenly seems meaningless, everything feels imperfect and nothing makes sense without you

I thought my days and nights were just a cycle of time but you filled them with moments, moments that are precious, moments that are worth living for, moments that have filled every part of my being with gratitude because they are moments I cherish with you

I thought miracles were an illusion but then your sheer existence, your little wonders and specially your heart beating next to mine in complete sync showed me how truly miraculous my own world is because of you

I thought I was just a normal girl in an ordinary life but then you came and made me realize how special I am and how extraordinary my life is just because I get to be your mom and forever love you!

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  1. I’m stopping by and commenting from Spoiledyogi.com ! Oh, I love this so much! It really does capture the emotions of motherhood so well! Thanks for sharing it.


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