Nice photo, right? BUT here’s a little story behind it👇

I was out on a nice, much needed girl’s catch up, happily gossiping about all the things and people that we normally do😉

Then 2 seconds after capturing this moment, I got a call from home to say that my 9 month old babygirl had woken up and was really unsettled😣 She was crying and looking at the door, waiting for me because for the first time, she missed me enough to realise my absence 😲 and just like that we’ve reached the separation anxiety phase, which means that my next night out is canceled for now🙄

So, moral of the story is that if you’re a mom, you must make the most of every little break you get because you never know when the kids will reach one of “those” milestones or when they (or you) might fall sick or when your mom friends might experience all of the above 🙄 and we all know how much effort and postponed plans it takes to finally catch up!!