Looking Back To See How Far I’ve Come!

Looking back, not to go back, but to appreciate how far I’ve come👣👣

There have been good times and bad times, times when I thought I would never be ok again, times that broke me and times that changed me💔…but now as I look back, the memories of the bad times have faded and the memories of good ones are so fresh that I can almost touch them💗
Its because of the lessons learned through those times, that I’ve made a life that I’m thankful for and become a person that I’m proud of🙏

It’s true, time is the biggest healer and sometimes its ok to take a moment and cherish your journey, pat yourself for all the trials and tribulations that you have overcome and be grateful for all that you have achieved so far…it makes the road ahead more fun and easier when you know that no matter what hurdles life throws in your path, you will be fine, you will be stronger and you will cross through them as you always have 💕

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