About Me

I am…
A mommy, daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend too, but underneath I’m still a little girl who just wants to be happy, be loved and always be smiling!

A quote that describes me the best…

“Sugar & Spice and everything nice,
That’s what the little girl in me is made of”

My life so far..
Unplanned & unexpected! But thank God, it turned out to be pretty awesome. I have an amazing family, a great bunch of friends, a wonderful home, an imperfectly perfect life and two beautiful kids who make me the luckiest mom in the whole world.


I try to…
love whole-heartedly, live gratefully
feel deeply, express freely
experience dramatically, talk excessively
think wishfully, dream hopelessly,
forgive easily, forget selectively
cry silently & smile generously

I started this blog to…
Keep that little girl alive in me, find a purpose in life and a more gratifying outlet to express my happiness and share some precious mommy moments in an attempt to spread the joy of smiling ☺

This little piece sums up why Pick a Smile was born: Smile it Forward

Thank you for visiting, hope you picked a smile!


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