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I was really a very good PARENT before I had the kids!

Kids are definitely the hardest part about parenting 🤣

Do you agree?

Being a mom means to be available for our little ones 24/7, even when we are sick!!

Watch the FULL Video of my mini bosses NOT letting me take a sick day🙄 on Instagram⬇️

Do you feel the same?

Are You A Fit Mama?

Emerald Lake Park, Victoria

Lockdown Diaries – Working From Home!


Are you Working or just “Trying” to Work⁉️

I think I’m just working for them!! can you hear the constant “mummy, mummy” in the background??

Watch the video ⬇️

Freedom is Not Free!


Don’t let freedom come at the expense of this Beautiful planet or cost us the Smiles of our kids 😊

So, once the lockdown is over and we are FREE, let’s really think what that FREEDOM means and value that privilege called FREEDOM🙏💕

Let’s just be Kinder, Let’s be more Grateful and let’s be more HUMAN💞

No One is Born Racist!

“No one is born racist and children will play with anyone until a PARENT tells them not to!!”

Let’s be the generation of parents who teach their kids to LOVE for love comes naturally 💞 while hate is learned, so let’s please STOP teaching it🙏

Can’t believe this is still happening, after all that the world is going through! It makes me nervous raising my kids in a world where some people walk around with so much hatred, where they will be judged by the color of their skin, where their lives are defined by their race😒

I wish we could be more HUMAN like our kids, they are the pure souls who just love, befriend and play with others, regardless of their colour, race, gender, age or any other societal bias!

When Moms Go Shopping!

It’s TRUE, “moms can’t stop thinking about their kids, even when they are alone”🥰

I went shopping for myself without the kids and yet I was drawn to all the kiddy shops and kept shopping more for them than for myself, AGAIN!!

They are with us ALWAYS, in every waking moment of our lives💞

I was a new mom, my precious little boy was just 2 weeks old and he still had that elusive “new baby” smell. I couldn’t get enough of him, looking at him in awe for 24 hours was my favourite thing to do.

Everything about him was perfect!

I think the mighty sun agreed with me because it sparkled its rays on him to radiate his angelic face as if it came out that day just to watch over him and the timing of this perfect son-shine still brings glimmers of smile on my face 🙂

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