Mommy’s nap time!

For some its a midday snooze, siesta, power nap or shuteye but for me this blissful feeling is simply ‘mommy’s nap time’…Zzzz!

A few moments of unadulterated sleep in the middle of a chaotic day is just heavenly. But when my little monkey, the precious reason for my sleepless nights cuddles me and snuggles in my arms, that snooze turns into the sweetest dream.

Even when all I want to do is sleep, I find myself stealing a glance to admire my little creation, so peaceful, so beautiful, nuzzled next to me. I tell myself to stop and make the most of this quiet time but I can’t resist looking at his divine face with a grateful smile.

And just when the serenity starts sinking in, he wakes up!!

Moral of the story: NAP, don’t get sucked into the cuteness.

Lessons learned: NONE, mistake constantly repeated!

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