Pick a Smile

& Smile it Forward



I was really a very good PARENT before I had the kids!

Kids are definitely the hardest part about parenting 🤣

Do you agree?

Being a mom means to be available for our little ones 24/7, even when we are sick!!

Watch the FULL Video of my mini bosses NOT letting me take a sick day🙄 on Instagram⬇️

Do you feel the same?

Are You A Fit Mama?

Lockdown Diaries – Working From Home!


Are you Working or just “Trying” to Work⁉️

I think I’m just working for them!! can you hear the constant “mummy, mummy” in the background??

Watch the video ⬇️

Freedom is Not Free!


Don’t let freedom come at the expense of this Beautiful planet or cost us the Smiles of our kids 😊

So, once the lockdown is over and we are FREE, let’s really think what that FREEDOM means and value that privilege called FREEDOM🙏💕

Let’s just be Kinder, Let’s be more Grateful and let’s be more HUMAN💞

When Moms Go Shopping!

It’s TRUE, “moms can’t stop thinking about their kids, even when they are alone”🥰

I went shopping for myself without the kids and yet I was drawn to all the kiddy shops and kept shopping more for them than for myself, AGAIN!!

They are with us ALWAYS, in every waking moment of our lives💞

When our hearts beat as one, my little one!

A little something I wrote when I was expecting my 1 year old. Its about the special bond we shared and the immense love I felt for him even before I met him. Sometime I miss that time when it was just the two of us!

I thought my heart was full of love but then you came and I felt my heart grow bigger every second to hold the immeasurable and unconditional love, love I didn’t know I was capable of, love that I feel for you

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The world through his eyes, makes me SMILE :)

They sparkle, they dance, they wonder, they mesmerize!

They are full of innocence and yet so wise

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My perfect son-shine!

I was a new mom, my precious little boy was just 2 weeks old and he still had that elusive “new baby” smell. I couldn’t get enough of him, looking at him in awe for 24 hours was my favourite thing to do.

Everything about him was perfect!

I think the mighty sun agreed with me as it sparkled its rays, radiating his angelic face and the timing of this perfect son-shine still brings glimmers of smile on my face.


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