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Life Lessons From A Toddler

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Parents aren’t the only ones teaching, sometimes they can learn important life lessons from a toddler too!! you just have to observe them with an open mind and let them stumble sometimes as well… **As Featured on Huffington Post** Like any… Continue Reading →

An Open Letter To All Moms and Dads

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I write this open letter to all moms and dads in the hope to make this world a better place for our kids. So, please read and share to as many parents as you can 🙂 **As featured on Huffington… Continue Reading →

Smile it Forward!

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When I was a little girl, I smiled about everything and I smiled about nothing at all…I smiled most of the time, even in my sleep. Smiling had become a part of my look and I proudly wore it everywhere…. Continue Reading →

Happiness is playing on a swing!

What is Happiness?? Well, happiness is in the simplest of things like a carefree kid playing on a swing! Now that’s what I call pure, unadulterated, absolutely heart warming, soul touching and the best kind of happiness    

A Mother’s Journey To The Other Side Of Fear!

There is nothing stronger than a mother’s love for her child – not even Fear! This blog is about ‘a mother’s journey to the other side of fear’ and why she has to conquer them for her child’s happiness and… Continue Reading →

Live Like Your Favourite Cartoon Characters

Wouldn’t it be nice. .to live life like everyone’s favourite cartoon character? Never experiencing a dull moment…making people laugh without even trying…bumping into things won’t ever hurt…accidentally falling off a cliff or being hit by a car would actually be… Continue Reading →

A Mother’s Sweetest Note

This is a Mother’s Sweetest Note for her kids, her unwavering love is more precious than any of the material things money can buy! No matter how hard motherhood can feel sometimes, its the love that makes us better at it everyday… Continue Reading →

Awesome Quotes for Dog Lovers

These awesome QUOTES for dog lovers will make you AWWW and if you’re not a dog lover, they will make you wish you were!!

12 Life Quotes by Charlie Chaplin

12 Life Quotes by Charlie Chaplin, the man who made millions laugh without ever saying a word! My favourite one is “We think too much, and feel too little”…which one is yours?

My Little Earthling!

My little earthling nurturing his other mother…MOTHER NATURE? Hope we can learn from our kids to respect and protect this beautiful planet and leave it in a better condition for their future ?  

25 Simple Relationship To Dos

These 25 Simple Relationship To Dos will make your life Happier with each other..give it a try!!

LOL Diet Tips!

LOL diet tips that make perfect sense to me, Minions are genius!

Being a WOMAN rocks!

Being a WOMAN rocks so her is a tribute to strong Women everywhere: “May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them”  


“Of all the gifts LIFE has given me, my MOTHER’s LOVE is the most precious”         Pics Courtesy: CureJoy

Dads are Awesome!

“Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a DAD!” Pics Courtesy: CureJoy  

Forever Young, I wanna be Forever Young… The only way to be YOUNG FOREVER is to LIVE a LIFE that feels YOUNG at HEART!  

The Crazy Mommy Moments

There is no way to be a perfect mother but a million ways to be a damn good one! I love this quote because its so true – every day we try to do our best, everyday we survive the… Continue Reading →

I Love LOVE!

I Love LOVE ? All the romance, the mushy feelings, the corny things, the flood of emotions, the first kiss, the warm hugs, the longing, the cuddles, the special moments, the missing yous, the silly fights, the making up, the sweet nothings,… Continue Reading →

LOL…anything you can do I can do better & in heels!! This one takes the cake in the epic battle of mom vs dad 🙂  

Its a Girly Life!

I recently came across these super cool illustrations of “girl problems” by a brilliant artist named Cassandra. I thought they were hilarious (and so true) because they made me realise just how entertaining this Girly life is 🙂 As most of you might… Continue Reading →

Let’s Give the Gift of Gratitude!  

LOL…gotta love this logic. Makes me wonder why I never thought of it 🙂

Its true, LIFE is the best teacher and an excellent guide. Every struggle, every adventure, every loss, every feat and all our experiences give us significant knowledge & instil enough power within us to make our LIVES better with each passing day. So know matter… Continue Reading →

Best of Winnie The Pooh Quotes

I love Winnie the Pooh and his amazing friends, he is the cutest and the wisest bear in the whole wide world!! I especially adore the friendship he shares with Piglet and just how simply they manage to teach us the… Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Awesome Dad Moments!

 Anyone can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a DAD! They are the wind beneath our wings, the unsung heroes of our lives and as much as moms hate to admit, they are the ‘fun’ parent!  And… Continue Reading →

  For some its a midday snooze, siesta, power nap or shuteye but for me this blissful feeling is simply ‘mommy’s nap time’…Zzzz! A few moments of unadulterated sleep in the middle of a chaotic day is just heavenly. But when my little monkey,… Continue Reading →

That moment when you realise that your new year resolution has been recycled more times than you would like to admit! So if this sounds like you, it might be a good idea to get a new list or just… Continue Reading →

HAPPY 2016!! Here’s wishing everyone a year filled with Love‬, Hope, Success, Friendship, Peace, Family, Wealth, Health, Laughter, Happiness & Smiles‬‬. Cheers to new beginnings!!

As we say goodbye to 2015‬, lets take a moment to cherish the year that it was – Play the best memories‬, Pause the unforgettable moments‬, Stop the heartbreaks & Rewind the good times‬. Smile‬ because of it and then get excited… Continue Reading →

Christmas AWWnimals :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS! To bring some AWW to your festive season, here is a collection of the cutest Christmas animals dressed in all the wonderful magic of this special occasion! If you like it, do leave us a comment and make sure you share… Continue Reading →

Too Old To Enjoy LIFE?

We don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing! To really understand the depth of these two lines, watch this adorable video of a 101 year ‘young’ mom enjoying herself in the snow! Her… Continue Reading →

Here’s a LOL for Happy Weekend and isn’t it ABSOLUT(ely) perfect! Guess I’ll be having ‘salad’ for dinner tonight…what about you?

Best Festive Quotes For The Holidays!

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year – fun with family and friends, most anticipated holidays, awesome gifts, sparkling lights and contagious happiness & smiles everywhere!! Who can resist being merry when there is so much joy all… Continue Reading →

Sometimes, we choose to be happy by letting go of things, memories or people that make us unhappy.  

12 reasons to be HAPPY!

Happiness is easy, simple & natural but if you ever need reasons to be happy, here are 12 of them…watch and share!

No matter how hard it is to be a parent, sometimes we just have to look at these Parenting LOLs and enjoy the lighter moments 🙂

This is definitely cuteness overloaded 🙂 LOL..what a genius!  

Hello December…bring on the fun, festivities, family & friends!

Never be too busy to live…Life will not wait for us!

15 Gratifying Thanksgiving Quotes

  Although its celebrated mainly in US & Canada, we all need at least one day (if not every day) that reminds us to be thankful and makes us feel grateful for all our blessings. So in the spirit of this day, I’ve… Continue Reading →

Have a Good Day 🙂

Let’s Raise Good Adults!

Every child is born with a pure heart & an innocent soul. It is our job to show them the BEST of HUMANITY, RAISE them as GOOD ADULTS and give them a HAPPY, PEACEFUL WORLD to grow up in! This… Continue Reading →

Definitely the BIG KID!! Source: Pick a Smile

Baby vs. Watermelon!

LOL…now thats how you eat a watermelon! This little cutie knows its an inside job 😀

Hope for Humanity is all we’ve got to preserve and save it. So, lets all believe in the power of HOPE and do our bit by spreading more love than hate,  more joy than sorrow and more SMILES than tears.

I wish I knew…

How many times have we said this: “I wish someone told me” or “I wish I knew earlier” or “I wish I could go back in time and…” Apparently not enough, I personally find myself wishing one of these every… Continue Reading →

This little cutie makes Mondays look better BUT nothing can beat our love for Saturdays!

What if the house cleaned itself? Aaaah…wouldn’t that be nice!

LOL…This sums up one of the hilarious differences between men and women for us 21st century people!

Lol…I was up all night thanks to my little monster! But, his morning cuddles are definitely worth the sleepless nights 🙂

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